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Entry #4

Kitty Krew >:|

2010-05-27 00:25:33 by UniversalKetchup

Apparently the Kitty Krew seems to be making a comeback, and for those of you who don't know who they are, they're spammers. I honestly wouldn't mind it as much (but it would still annoy me) if their submissions got blammed, but since they are the "Kitty Krew", they manage to get their crap submissions out there because there are enough of them to counterbalance the zeros and ones. Solution? Well... I don't have one at the moment (but I'm thinking), but I'm sure that someone has at least a semi-decent plan so we can help push them back out of existence. I'd contact the higher-ups, but they seem to be so clogged with emails, they'd probably never get around to it. Any suggestions on how to stop these guys? Sharing of ideas is encouraged.


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2010-05-28 00:42:51

got to admit ... if it wasnt for them i would have half as many blams ..... but i hate wasting my time on the crap

UniversalKetchup responds:

As do I. It's all pretty pointless stuff that I really don't want to bother reviewing and rating, but hey, at least -like you- it gives me blam points... Well only sometimes. It seems like some of their stuff gets past judgment because there are enough of them to counterbalance the zeros and ones that we give them. Oh well, I'm sure that we can get something done about them sooner or later.


2010-05-28 02:29:25

Well, you could ignore them, but you keep reviewing their flashes, just to release your anger. ;P

UniversalKetchup responds:

Yep :D It's almost sort of fun, but they like to delete my reviews sometimes D:


2010-05-30 14:15:46

You should hit the gym and work on your upper body strength, then hit them from behind with a stick!

UniversalKetchup responds:

Heh-heh. That would definitely make my day. Too bad it isn't that easy :/


2010-05-30 21:42:45

your new here aren't you?

UniversalKetchup responds:

Yeah sort of.... A few months isn't as long as it seems.


2010-05-30 21:49:35

btw authors can't and don't delete reviews.

the only ones who can delete reviews are the newgrounds review moderators

if it was up to me not a single review would be deleted from any of my movies

UniversalKetchup responds:

Oh... Well then they're the ones doing it I guess... I guess that since I haven't submitted anything and gotten abusive reviews to try and get rid of, I wouldn't have known. Thanks for that little piece of info, I had no idea.