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Kitty Krew >:|

2010-05-27 00:25:33 by UniversalKetchup

Apparently the Kitty Krew seems to be making a comeback, and for those of you who don't know who they are, they're spammers. I honestly wouldn't mind it as much (but it would still annoy me) if their submissions got blammed, but since they are the "Kitty Krew", they manage to get their crap submissions out there because there are enough of them to counterbalance the zeros and ones. Solution? Well... I don't have one at the moment (but I'm thinking), but I'm sure that someone has at least a semi-decent plan so we can help push them back out of existence. I'd contact the higher-ups, but they seem to be so clogged with emails, they'd probably never get around to it. Any suggestions on how to stop these guys? Sharing of ideas is encouraged.


2010-05-02 13:46:08 by UniversalKetchup

I just realized that in a few weeks, I'll be without Flash. I don't know how to use it real well yet (my first submission got blammed), but now I can't experiment with it anymore to try and improve. I use my school laptop because it's the only computer that I have access to that has Flash... All I know is I sure hope that I can get a decent computer with Flash on it soon. Until then, I guess that I'll just try to work with audio.

Gotta wait a while...

2010-04-12 23:38:42 by UniversalKetchup

I submitted my first audio file to Newgrounds, and after a few days, it's still under review, so for now, I'm off to go help Newgrounds rid itself of pointless and/or offensive flash submissions!


2010-04-10 18:16:40 by UniversalKetchup

I've always liked visiting newgrouds, and now I'm an official member... Not much else to say...